Mandelbrot X Yoga Mat Jute Dual Side Extra Thick

Mandelbrot X Yoga Mat Jute Dual Side Extra Thick

Experience the latest in sustainable yoga technology with the Mandelbrot X Hot Yoga Collection’s Royal Series Jute Yoga Mat. Crafted with natural fibers and a dual-sided design, this mat provides optimal comfort for your intense workouts while delivering long-lasting, slip-free performance.

This is an exercise and fitness mat to use in the gym or at home for all types of yoga, pilates, and floor exercises for men and women. Mandelbrot X is all about pushing the boundaries of avant-garde, sustainable technology. Our Royal Series Jute Yoga Mat is a testament to our commitment to sustainable yoga technology. Made from the natural fibers of the jute plant, the lightweight, 5 mm-thick royal purple yoga mat is durable, comfortable, and absorbs moisture, making it ideal for even your sweatiest yoga sessions. Additionally, it's reversible—it's like having two mats in one—and includes a free dual-purpose carrying and stretching strap.

  • Experience THE FEELING OF NATURAL JUTE. Eco-Friendly Natural Jute Yoga Mat on the top and Natural Rubber on the bottom for a slip-free workout; durable, dependable, and compresses just enough for your flows. dual-sided, dual-purpose Latex-free, BPA-free, and 100% natural
  • PERFECT FOR ANY PRACTICE. Regardless of the type of practice you do, this jute mat works for you. 100% Eco-friendly natural jute Unbelievably durable and slip-resistant, well-designed to assist you in your workout for years to come. Bikram, Hot, Kundalini, Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Lyengar, Yin, Power, Pilates, Gymnastics, and Restorative
  • Premium Performance and Maximum Durability Natural jute, a harmonious blend of jute top-surface and rubber bottom-surface Serious grip performance, optimum durability, and minimal weight. Extremely non-slip, wet, or dry for all yogis and yoga styles.
  • NON-TOXIC. Natural material properties make this highly sustainable material easy to maintain and clean. Non-toxic and eco-friendly materials provide enough cushion without inhibiting balance. No latex, PVCs, or harsh chemicals Jute and rubber are both easy to clean, remain fresh, and do not trap odors.
  • DIMENSIONS: 72-Inch x 24-Inch x 5mm Thick

Say hello to Mandelbrot X’s natural jute yoga mat. It’s an Eco-Friendly choice that’s perfect for all types of yoga practitioners and styles. Get your Mandelbrot X Yoga Mat Jute Dual Side Extra Thick today and make your practices even stronger!


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