Mandelbrot X Best Yoga Towel and Stretching Strap

Mandelbrot X Best Yoga Towel and Stretching Strap

Sophistication meets transcendence with one of our most popular yoga combos, the Mandelbrot X Microfiber Performance Towel Yoga Strap Bundle. Below the surface is microfiber cross stitching, making sure every transition of pose is just as soft on your joints as the one before it. The microfiber towel has an exclusive silicone drop-top design for anti-slip. Beyond its beauty is pure comfort—a stunning combination of softness and function. Unrivaled Performance. Unmatched Value. Ideal for Hot Yoga, Bikram, and Pilates. Microfiber Suede and Extra Long Stretching Strap, 74 in. x 24

  • Cobo Set. Yoga towel with exclusive silicone drop top design for anti-slip; towel measures 72in x 24in. The stretching strap is an incredible 6.6 ft. long by 1 in. wide with positioning loops. Both include a carry bag and a woven label.
  • 100% Microfiber Towel, Large, 24 in. x 72in. Made with super-absorbent microfiber. Perfect for those who sweat, especially for Hot Yoga, Bikram, and Power Yoga.
  • Boutique Design. Exclusive towel with a silicone drop-top design for anti-slip. Free carry bag.
  • Stretching Strap. Extra-long 6-foot stretching strap with positioning loops for deeper stretches
  • Easy Machine Wash and Hang Dry Laundry: Wash on a gentle cycle and hang dry both the towel and strap. Now you'll always have a clean towel and stretching strap for your next class!

Try the Mandelbrot X Performance Yoga Towels and Stretching Strap Kit in your practice today. Get the best performance gear for your hot yoga practice now!

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