Yoga Mat Jute Dual Side

Simple Comfort

Mandelbrot X Yoga Mat Jute Dual Side Extra Thick Exercise & Fitness Mat to Use in Gym or Home for All Types of Yoga, Pilates & Floor Exercises for Men and Women. While Jute is known for its organic properties, it also has a uniquely firm but plush feel beneath your body as you transition from pose to pose. It truly is the best combination of comfort and support. Additionally, it's reversible; it's like having two mats in one.

Grab & Go

Easy to roll, effortless to carry Slide the royal purple mat into the golden cotton carry strap and head to your workout. Once you are at the studio, unroll your mat, and the plush carry strap transforms into a golden stretching strap to assist in stretches as well—two straps in one. 72-Inch x 24-Inch x 5mm thick.

Easy Cleaning

After each session, simply wipe down with water combined with a gentle disinfectant such as eucalyptus. Hang dry your royal purple Mandelbrot X yoga mat, then roll it up into its golden carry strap. Over time, jute fibers become softer and more supple for unrivaled wear-in comfort.

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