Worlds First & Only Carbon Fiber Yoga Mat

Worlds First & Only Carbon Fiber Yoga Mat

Dual-Side, Non-Slip, Heat Activated, Extra Thick 5 mm, Perfect for Hot Yoga, Bikram, Pilates - 72 in x 24 in

Mandelbrot X is all about pushing the boundaries and overcoming great odds by completing acts of strength, courage, and goodness. Our performance carbon fiber yoga mat is a testament to our commitment to cutting-edge yoga technology, delivering the most from both design and material.

The carbon fiber and natural rubber matrix in the Mandelbrot X yoga mat does not shift horizontally and sponge the way PVC, foam, and other mats do. Rather, it absorbs and vertically transfers the energy into a tighter and more supple grip and rebound. The Mandelbrot X Carbon Fiber Yoga Mat is perfect for any type of yoga: Bikram, Hot Yoga, fitness classes, Pilates, and more. Indoors or outdoors, practice at the park, beach, gym, studio, or in your home—our carbon yoga mat is perfect for your courageous lifestyle.

  • Dual-Side, Non-Slip, Heat-Activated, Extra Thick 5 mm, Perfect for Hot Yoga, Bikram, and Pilates, 72 x 24 in
  • Ambition. Carbon fiber offers superior performance. Carbon fiber matrix bonded to natural rubber for superior capability and performance.
  • Explorer. dual-sided, one side for aggressive traction, the other side for fine-smooth grip. This carbon fiber and rubber mat works for you.
  • Visionary. Design and materials, superior vertical spring-like compression and rebound, and a carbon fiber matrix eliminate the horizontal sponge-slip of other mats.
  • Warrior. Perfectly crafted for you and your highest, most advanced practice level. Open your practice to a whole new range of flexibility, strength, and poses.
  • Pioneer. Advanced proprietary patent-pending carbon fiber material and design, developed in partnership with Sandia National Laboratories.

Transform your practice with the World's First and Only Carbon Fiber Yoga Mat, available now for purchase and also on Amazon. Seize all the possibilities and join us on this exciting new mission: revolutionizing yoga globally. Buy now and start your adventure.


Ohm, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Discover the art of transformation and the power of cutting-edge yoga technology with Mandelbrot X. Step into a courageous lifestyle with our innovative products. Unleash your inner warrior. Let's embark on this journey together!