Non-Slip Mat Towel

Spiced-Up Sessions

Spice up your sessions with Southwestern-inspired flare with Lhasa Red. Hot workouts? No Problem. Mosaic Series Yoga Towels by Mandelbrot X absorb five times their own weight in wetness.

Elegance Redefined

Elegant and beautiful, Mandelbrot's Vermilion Marble design will bring an air of exquisite polish to your workouts. Not only is this premium Yoga Towel stylish, but its large 72'' X 26'' surface area allows you to hit every pose with plenty of room to spare.

Tranquility On Tap

Sophistication meets transcendence with one of our most popular designs, Shilhanndara Black. Below the surface is microfiber cross stitching, making sure every transition of pose is just as soft on your joints as the one before it.

Won't Slide, Never Shimmies

Four custom sewn-in corner pockets fasten to the corners of your mat, making your towel and yoga mat one unit. Mosaic Series towels stay firmly in place and taut throughout your entire yoga session.

Easy Wash

Your Mandelbrot X Yoga Towel will take great care of you, but you won't have to jump through a bunch of hoops to take care of it. Just a light wash and dry with the rest of your laundry, and you're good to go for your next workout.

Plush Under Every Pose

Microfiber weaving not only provides you with a slip-free session; it's also the x-factor behind Mandelbrot's super soft feel.

Don't Sweat It

Our premium-quality yoga towels can absorb an astounding FIVE times their weight in fluid. So sweat it out with peace of mind, knowing your towel can take everything your session can throw at it.

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Ohm, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Discover the art of transformation and the power of cutting-edge yoga technology with Mandelbrot X. Step into a courageous lifestyle with our innovative products. Unleash your inner warrior. Let's embark on this journey together!